Anstel News

We would like to share some updates on new and exciting developments across our product lines.

We’ve moved!

Last week we completed the move into our new office and warehouse; a significantly larger space, closer to the city, plenty of onsite parking and the latest and greatest facilities!

This new building houses our complete office, showroom, warehouse and manufacturing facilities all under the one roof.

What’s more, it’s located only 25 mins from the Airport and Melbourne CBD, so we’re much closer to the action.

If you’re visiting suppliers in Melbourne, count us in – we’d love to welcome you!

We have even more exciting news to share with you all  in a few weeks, so stay tuned!


Nattou at Life Instyle Melbourne

Visit our Nattou stand at Life Instyle Melbourne, 3-6 August, Australia’s only boutique trade event that showcases emerging trends, brands and products.

A dedicated sub-event of Life Instyle, is Kids Instyle which showcases the very best collection of designer kids & baby brands. You will find Nattou at stand K202 where we will have our latest collections on display AND If you place an order on the day you will receive a great show only offer. It’s the perfect time to place your Christmas orders too!

Loulou, Lea and Hippolyte – the latest Nattou collection to hit our shores.


Click here for more information about the event, otherwise if you’re interested in booking an appointment, please contact Naomi via the following email address,

Joolz Geo² – for every family adventure

Joolz has launched the new Joolz Geo² – for every family adventure.

A trip to the shopping centre or a picnic in the park? The removable XXL basket holds all your shopping and more.

Taking the car? In just one motion, the Joolz Geo² folds up in one compact piece with a transport lock.

A new baby or having twins? The Joolz Geo² will simply grow with your family while remaining convenient, compact and manoeuvrable.

So, Let’s Go Geo!

The Joolz Geo² is available now in the Studio Collection, with the Earth Collection launching later this year. Click HERE for more information

Guess which products are finalists in the 2017 Australian Mother and Baby Awards?

We’re excited to announce that the following products are finalists in the 2017 Australian Mother & Baby Awards

Now in their sixth year, a Mother & Baby award is the ultimate recognition of excellence because they are judged by mums, babies and a panel of industry experts, every product is put through its paces in real-life situations!

Pram over $1000

The Joolz Day² Earth has been a huge hit across Australia since its launch in February this year. With 20 new and improved Positive Design features it has become a pram like no other.

This new pram is not just designed in the Netherlands, it is also produced there. Taking another step towards a more positive and sustainable way of living.

Finalist in the Pram over $1000 category – Joolz Day²

Want to learn more about the Joolz Day², a pram like no other? click here to find out more

Double Pram

The Joolz Geo² is perfect for family adventures. The all-terrain pram is designed to run smoothly on any kind of surface while the extra-large, easy-access basket, provides all the storage you need.

Unique features include the one-motion folding mechanism and transport lock for maximum portability while being on the go. The seat at table height can be used as a highchair. And once a new baby, or twin arrives, you can easily add a second cot or seat.

The Joolz Geo² remains perfectly compact and manoeuvrable even as a double, or with a full basket.

Click here to read more about the Joolz Geo².

Finalist in the Double Pram category – Joolz Geo²

Developmental Toy 12 months+

Nattou Rockers assist with large motor skill development – helping with foot and leg power and improving balance. They also provide an amazing foundation for children’s creative and imaginative play.

Nattou makes every effort to ensure that your baby can play and love and cuddle happily. The design of every Nattou toy, the selection of the fabrics, cutting, sewing, even the finishing and packing are all meticulously checked to meet safety standards. This way, Nattou can guarantee safe enjoyable rocking (and cuddling) for your baby, and comfort for you.

Finalist in the Developmental Toy 12 months+ category – Nattou Rockers

Winners are announced in September 2017, so watch this space!

Joolz Day²: a pram like no other

After years of consumer research, prototyping and product development, Joolz are excited to announce that their first and very successful pram has been completely redesigned. With 20 new and improved Positive Design features it has become a pram like no other. They call it the Joolz Day². This new pram is not just designed in the Netherlands, it is also produced there. Taking another step towards a more positive and sustainable way of living.

Available first in the Earth collection in April 2017 and towards mid-2017, in the Studio collection!

Find out more about the Joolz Day² here

New to the Nattou Australia Family!


Our cute and popular Lapidou bunnies are available in 6 new trendy and sweet colors : pink, blue, grey, mint and peach.This collection consists of a cuddly, a small and a big doudou.

The fabrics were carefully selected for its softness, durability and safety. Babies will definitely love this bunny!

Max Noa and Tom

We’re very happy to introduce you to Max, Noa & Tom.

Max the dog, Noa the horse and Tom the bear feel like little princes in their tender and friendly kingdom full of crowns!

With ultra-soft fabrics in a neutral theme in white, beige, taupe and grey, these Nattou cuddlies will keep babies happy all day long.

Alex and Bibou

Meet Alex the Donkey and Bibou the Rabbit; soft and gentle friends that are a perfect gift as baby’s first best buddy!

So, if little ones are feeling blue…. Maybe they need Alex or Bibou!

Nina and Jade

In a universe that’s all powder pink, beige and orchid pink these soft and cuddly friends will take your little one’s imagination to magical faraway places. Introducing Nina the Rabbit and Jade the Unicorn a gorgeous collection that is a must have for every little girls room!

Joolz Geo Ridge Limited Edition

We’re excited to announce the arrival of a new limited edition Joolz Geo.

Every Joolz has its story: a tale of enduring craftsmanship that keeps the Positive Design philosophy alive. The Joolz Geo Ridge is a fusion of past, present and future that blends the finest contemporary aesthetics with traditional crafted flair.

The stylish deep brown leatherette handle and bumper bars of the Joolz Ridge collection are finished with a ribbed structure. The grey mélange lining perfectly matches and has a unique striped pattern.

Such a limited edition pram requires a special nursery bag; a stylish backpack. It provides loads of storage space, several practical storage compartments, a thermal lined bottle holder and a changing mat. The smart straps can be used both as a backpack and shoulder bag. The ridged leatherette details perfectly match the pram.

This limited edition is available in Mono, Duo and Twin configuration.

Introducing Jack, Jules and Nestor

Our new friends Jack, Jules and Nestor are the perfect choice for little boys!

Jack the elephant and Jules the bear are the best of friends, and on their journey together, they met a cute little duck named Nestor.

This stylish Nattou boys collection combines aqua, grey and warm turquoise colours in these elegant and cuddly baby toys.

Bumprider Sit – Anstel

  • The Bumprider Sit is designed to fit all strollers and prams
  • Now available with seat and handle bar
  • Seat & handle bar are removable in 3 different configurations: Toddler board only, Board + Seat, Board + Seat + Handle bar
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to fit to even the most difficult prams
  • No extra adaptors or connectors needed for different prams – one size fits all
  • The flexible fitting provides greater manoeuvrability, ensuring ease of use
  • Balanced suspension technique ensures a smooth ride, even on bumpy roads
  • Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years of age and up to 20 kg
  • Universal connector has endless adjustment positions
  • Simple, quick & easy adjustment
  • No tools or extra adaptors required
  • Designed & tested in Sweden

Bumprider Sit - Live

How to choose the best cot mattress

We all want the best for our children.  From the moment we hold them in our arms, we consider their well-being above all else.

From the car seat that we choose, to the mattress for their cot, as parents we do our best to ensure their safety.

However… did you know that in Australia there are currently no laws against a baby mattress with a high risk of SIDS? There are standards, but no laws.

How to choose the best cot mattress?

Dr Ron Somers addressed this in his research in South Australia. Whilst best practice in infant care specifies we use a firm mattress, there is no definition of what that actually means.

That’s where his test comes into the discussion. Dr Somers created a video to show parents how they can test their child’s mattress at home.  It’s a simple process which only requires items you’ll probably have lying around at home.

But to save you the trouble of having to do it, we’ve conducted the test for you with a BabyRest mattress.

The way the test is conducted is as follows:

  • Take two, one litre cardboard milk cartons (full of milk) and mark the bottom of one of them with a line measured 4cm from the base
  • Take 12 CDs and wrap them firmly in cling wrap
  • Sit the CDs in the middle of the mattress and place the marked milk carton on top of the CDs with the 4cm overhanging (see image below)
  • Sit the second full milk carton on top of the first
  • If the section marked below the 4cm line on the bottom milk carton touches the mattress, the mattress is too soft.
  • If the section marked below the 4cm line on the bottom milk carton DOES NOT touch the mattress, it is firm enough.

Of course BabyRest passed and is deemed firm enough!


All BabyRest products meet Australian standards, including our range of cot mattresses.